Friday, 7 October 2016

07/10/16 - Environment Six Plus release + info

Right, this has turned out bigger than we expected. Both Environment Six and Environment 6.5 (beautiful FSOL lack of consistency in the titles there) feature 23 tracks. That's 46 new FSOL tracks. 47, if you include the fact that the LP of Six features an exclusive track. Speaking of the vinyl editions, Six omits seven tracks (and adds the bonus track), whilst 6.5 omits five tracks. Given that they've not been shy of pushing the format to its limits with 30 minute sides earlier in the series, this suggests that the CD + digital editions are long. Could we have two 75 minute albums on our hands here? Either way, this is an unexpectedly long musical journey that is startling in comparison with the decreasing run-times of the previous volumes (with the unofficial 5.5, Life in Moments, running to 38 minutes).

Vinyl editions aren't shipping until the 28th October, although all orders will receive an immediate download of the CD/Digital version of the album. The only thing that's slightly disappointing is the artwork, which looks more like an Electric Brain Storms cover than the epic landscaping of previous albums:

The albums can be purchased separately or as bundles, and are on sale now from FSOLDigital. Oh, and the calendar is there too.


Onyx Blue said...

The album covers looks great. It is a departure from the rest of the series, but it does capture
the earlier feel- and so paradoxically it looks fresh.

VICMOD said...

What is the name of the LP only track and how long is it?

Bullfinch said...

The exclusive track is called Silent Around Them. The LP version isn't out until the 28th so we won't know anything else about the track until then.