Monday, 15 August 2016

15/08/16 - Humanoid updates

This morning, Brian Dougans changed his Facebook image to this. Then a few hours later, this video appeared on the Genocide Dolphins indie game YouTube page: You may remember the game for its use in the promo clip for the original version of Post Human around the time of the Touched 2 compilation.
Leon Mar's Arcon 2 alias reappeared on the third Touched compilation last month, and is now in action remixing Humanoid. He's now done remix work for the guys as Leon Mar, Oil and Arcon 2.

Anyway, the most exciting thing about all this is obviously that it seems that progress on new Humanoid record is once again in motion, and it's quite possible we'll be seeing a release sooner rather than later. Although probably not before October, as that is the rumoured month of release for Environments 6.

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