Thursday, 14 May 2015

14/05/15 - The Noel vs. Amorphous thing continues

After complaining that even The Guardian couldn't be bothered to provide an honest interview, chopping up his words and focusing on turning the situation into a clickbait argument in the press, Gaz has finally spoken in full to The Quietus. Even though he still says it's nowhere near the full story. Read that here. Meanwhile, Noel's latest counterstrike is in Youtube format, speaking to John Doran for Noisey's 'The British Masters' series, in which he reveals he's destroyed the masters of the Amorphous album and has never played them to anybody ever. Watch that here. Meanwhile, highly reputable broadsheet newspaper, The Daily Star, have suggested that Gaz is the reason Oasis split in this article. Who's bored yet?

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Simon - Brit from Dallas said...

I'm definitely bored. I just hope FSOL got paid.