Wednesday, 11 February 2015

11/02/15 - Amorphous, Noel and Paul

So, the Noel Gallagher saga continues. Gaz has spoken to the NME about the whole escapade. The front cover of the issue dated 14th February 2015 includes the headline "Noel: Amorphous Androgynous hit back". The article itself is a little more sparse, sadly. A teaser for the interview was made available earlier on, but that's all you really need to read, as the full content in the magazine merely expands the word count without adding anything new (nevertheless, you can see a scan here if you wish). On the matter of the full interview being stripped down to a few soundbites, Gaz wrote on the Amorphous Facebook: "Omitted all heart , guts of the actual interview but hey what did we expect in a world of millionaire faux rock n roll fist a puffs?" and "Hmmm the NME clearly know which way their bread is buttered - good job we filmed it - wow! Anti inflammatory sedatives and faux rock n roll seems to be order of the day". So now we're all waiting for the filming of the interview to appear online to find out just what Gaz did say, and just why the NME weren't willing to print it (probably don't want to upset Noel too much, given how much time he gives to the increasingly unpopular publication).

In more collaborative news, Brian shared a YouTube video on Facebook a few minutes ago, stating "Heres one me and gaz wrote with Paul Weller - turned out pretty good me thinks......"

Check it out below and judge for yourself. We're guessing it's the lead single from Weller's next record:

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