Sunday, 12 October 2014

12/10/14 - EBS10: Micro Edition

A fifteen minute edition of The Electric Brainstorm series is due on 24th October. Electric Brainstorm 10: The Micro Edition will be part of the next Terminal Radio transmission, as organised by members of our very own forum. This particular edition sees Nmesh pull out all the stops, grabbing stars such as Youth, Ishq, DJ Food, Mixmaster Morris, Neotropic and Surface 10, alongside Terminal regulars Akkya and Sy Haze. Plus himself. And FSOL, of course. The FSOL mix will the premier of six unreleased FSOL and Zeebox tracks.

For those of you confused about the lack of EBS 9, it appears the opening track on the Environment 5 Bonus EP was actually volume 9 in the series, which is branching out into an all-round multi-media concept (a VHS version is still in the works.) You can tune in to Terminal Radio on Future Music at 1700 - 2000 BST (12PM EST) on 24th October.

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