Wednesday, 7 May 2014

07/05/14 - Glass Girl

Continuing this spring's FSOLDigital update, we have Glass Girl - first heard on EBS6 four years ago.  Brian describes the release:
‘Back in 1983 my dad said – “hey theres someone else nearby making electronic music why dont you go and see him?” – so I did. Sadly he was away on holiday however I did buy this tape from his mum – recently I found it again and tried to track him down even asking friends in Glasgow to visit his house – nothing – no trace – where are you? - A fantastic blend of electronics and soundscapes – especially when you think this was recorded in 1982/3 – enjoy’ – BRIAN

Six tracks of analogue synths and voice samples, once again £3.50 MP3, £5.00 FLAC.  Grab it here.

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