Saturday, 12 January 2013

12/01/13 - FSOL mix upcoming on Solid Steel

Hello, happy new year, et cetera.  In terms of confirmed releases, all we have for 2013 is the Pygmy People EP by Yage so far, although we're sure there's lots more to come.  In the meantime, however, there will also be a new FSOL mix coming on Ninja Tune's Solid Steel, with thanks to DJ Food for the info:

"We will continue celebrating a quarter of a century of ‘the broadest beats’ every week throughout the year with exclusive mixes from: Four Tet, J Rocc, Skream, Kirk DeGiorgio, Trevor Jackson, Chris Carter from Throbbing Gristle, Toddla T, Benji B, Photek, Andy Votel, Z-Trip, Tom Middleton, Richard Dorfmeister, Greg Wilson, DJ Kentaro, James Lavelle, Giles Peterson, Don Letts, Jack Dangers, Future Sound of London, Kid Koala, Luke Vibert, Laurent Garnier, Congo Natty, Gaslamp Killer, Andrew Weatherall, Francois Kevorkian, Fink, Ross Allen, Mixmaster Morris, Manasseh and the first guest to appear on Solid Steel back in 1988, Juan Atkins (and that’s not even all of them…)."

So there we go.  Guesses are at an EBS-type mix, albeit one without the financial limitations of hosting on FSOLDigital - so probably a more varied selection than the 'FSOL & friends' theme of EBS7.
Otherwise, we're just waiting on an update from Gaz about this pole shift that was due a few weeks ago...

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