Friday, 14 October 2011

14/10/11 - EBS 7 appears

I just wrote a long post about Electric Brain Storms volume 7 appearing on FSOLDigital, and blogger removed it all when I changed the font to Verdana. Thanks blogger, you utter bastard. So I'm going to write a shorter version, because I want to get away to listen to this and not type this thing all day.

Tracklist + notes:
Featuring FSOL, EMS+Piano, Park, Seafar, Bainbridge Brothers, 1973 Electronics Group, Yage, Daniel Pemberton, Polemical, Riz Maslen, Broadcast of Variants, Second Thought.

"I'm on my way out
for something to see
to remember for the rest of my days"

Running Time - 65:46

Price: £2.50

Purchase link:

New splash page (very nice):

YouTube video promoting EBS7:

Chances of identifying potential Dougans/Cobain material, particularly in light of the forthcoming Environments 4, without a full tracklist: slim.


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