Sunday, 6 March 2011

06/03/11 - Mental Cube gets the remix treatment

It's 2011, and Q is being re-released again. With a whole new batch of remixes. Now the Papua and Stakker remixes in the past few years have turned up a few gems, and the Tingler 12" was a nostalgic trip to promote the Pulse EPs collection, but we're not entirely sure why this is happening - especially as, not on Jumpin' & Pumpin', it does seem a bit out of place. Is there such a dearth of decent music in the modern dance scene that we're having to revisit old classics such as Q?

Actually, the sound of the remixes suggests probably so, we're struggling to tell the difference between most of the fairly dull versions on display on this promotional video. Sadly that video misses off the Will White and Lex Shellard version, which threatens to be the customary dubstep mix before heading off into some 90s house piano and samples of The Orb's Blue Room among other things. A sample of that can be heard here.

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