Thursday, 28 October 2010

28/10/10 - FSOLDigital revamp

28th October 2010 will forever go down as the day when I should have just waited and done one big news update in the evening. has been updated with what we're hoping will be a stable format. Looking shiny and lovely and new, and with a new login system for the shopping cart, it really makes me want to buy stuff I can't afford. Some of the records have lost their descriptions and A Tiny Point Of Light has disappeared for good now, but otherwise it's all there. The Pod Room isn't complete yet and the mixes will be up soon, but it's been put online now so people can take advantage of the MPB3: Third Ear pre-order, rather than putting all your hard-earned cash into the pockets of HMV or Amazon.

And because I'm not writing another entry today, here's an edit. Look! New Amorphous Androgynous official site. Not that there's much there...

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Anonymous said...

Great stuff. And there's the Dead Cities limited edition!