Monday, 19 April 2010

20/04/10 - that Record Store Day 12" and the state of the world

Those of you lucky enough to have picked yourself up one of the 500 copies of the Amorphous Androgynous/Paul Weller remix 12" at your local indie on Record Store Day in the UK this Saturday gone, well done! Hopefully it's enjoyable. The album is out worldwide this week and hopefully reports about the remix will be coming in soon.
I almost don't want to advertise the fact here, but several copies have already turned up on eBay at extortionate prices. Typically, alas, the small but terrible number of selfish cunts that live among us chose Record Store Day - an event to promote the act of going to your local record shop to pay a decent price for an interesting record - as a chance to make a considerable profit with their easily picked up rarities. There's currently a copy going for a ridiculous £150. Sadly, I'm sure, somebody is going to pay that, but I'm actively encouraging people to avoid the auctions and stop these fuckers making a lot of money from genuine music fans, and stopping the FSOL and Paul Weller fans out there showing their support to the artists and the stores willing to keep the independent record industry alive through their generous releases. A nice treat for fans and record shops at a reasonable price has now become an immediate collectable at the hands of the worst kind of money minded cunts.
TL;DR? Do not pay dickheads ridiculous amounts of money for this 12", they do not deserve it. Please.


Strictly Kev said...

Here here, I've experienced the same thing, went out specislly to get a copy. All gone by the time I arrived (and I went to several stores), a week late, 50 copies on eBay - makes me sick

ted said...

well said
straight-to-ebay tossers