Friday, 19 March 2010

19/03/10 - Electric Brain Storms vol. 6 out now!

The latest edition of the excellent Electric Brain Storms series of transmissions and podcasts is available. Volume 6, 'The Most Secluded Place', can be purchased from FSOLDigital now for £3.50. The artwork is beautiful.

Lowres - Veneer
School Of Emotional Engineering - Frost 1
Reverpahon - Radthai
A Small Good Thing - Glutch
Ekko - Mossmoan
The Earlies -
Paul Schutze - Rivers Of Mercury
Nurse With Wound - Registered Nurse
Glass Girl - Glass Girl
Zeebox - Dirty Piano Constant
Morton Garson - Exorcism
Spacemen 3 - An Evening Of Contemporary Sitar Music
Irma Victoria & The Hatebox Experience - Metamorphosis
Jon Hassell - Empire
Zeebox - Stef's House+Garden
Unknown - Lies About Vietnam
Dan Pemberton - Telephony
Mike Cooper -

Can - Pinch
Spiritualized - Symphony Space
Ashra Temple - Invention
Tangerine Dream - Tangram
Second Thought - Aqueduct
Leyland Kirby -
Cluster -
FSOL - A Sense Of Being
Sunra -
George Garanian -
FSOL - Environments 1
23 Skiddoo - Gamelan
FSOL - Elation
Faust -
FSOL - 49 Innesp
Seafar - New Town Dreams
Lo Editions -
Heads Of Agreement - Antique
Glass Girl - 3 Holes
Zoot - 4 Filters
FSOL - Sunken Ship
Monstrance - Floating World
Piano+EMS - Grazing

We have four unreleased FSOL tracks - none of which are that easy to pick out, which means they're all on the very ambient side of things. Piano+EMS seems to be the new name for EMS:Piano, and the Glass Girl tracks are labelled as (ebv), which means they could well be a new alias - or perhaps a forthcoming release on FSOLDigital? The Piano+EMS track, Grazing, has already become a favourite of ours here. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.

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