Wednesday, 29 July 2009

29/07/09 - Videos!

Yeah, we couldn't think of a better headline. Anyway, several videos have appeared on the STAKKERHUMANOID YouTube channel this week. First up, FSOL's hilarious delivery of Dead Cities to Virgin Records in May 1996 here. Graham explains...
A band is meant to on completion of recording an album hand over the finished parts to the record company which are signed for and acknowledged. This is called delivery and is done so that the legal people are happy that the contract has been adhered.

FSOL decided to do a bit more than send it over on a bike.

Second up, the video for "Beers" by Headstone Lane.

Thirdly, a short extract of an interview with Buggy G. Riphead, talking about his art and the My Kingdom single artwork.

And check out the Stakker Humanoid video clip in the background on this Pot Noodle ad.

And that's all the weather for now.

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