Wednesday, 24 December 2008

24/12/08 - new Amorphous alternative versions

Thanks to Dell1972 on the forums for spotting some new track info on the Amorphous MySpace. A "new" track, 'His Motherness', is present, albeit simply an alternative version of 'The Emptiness Of Nothingness' (which, in a world of '-ness'ness, was originally called 'The Otherness', of course). Continuing the trend, it is credited as being from a 2009 release called 'The Outerness'. Another one to add to the list, alongside 2012, The New Love Poetry, Wobbly Oozescapes, Amorphik Alternatives and the Isness re-release. There's also a new mix of E'lysian Feels', and an edit of 'High Tide On The Sea Of Flesh'. And, in an unexpected move, an already released mix of Mello Hippo (the Abbey Road version, this time).
Time will tell on the new releases, we suppose.

Elsewhere on MySpace, you can hear a clip of the first Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble CD being previewed on Radio 1 on the MPB MySpace. There is apparently a Yage MySpace, although no music has been uploaded and there's not been a login since March! And that's about it.

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