Monday, 27 October 2008

27/10/08 - Environments II, Archives 5 CDs, tour?

After six CDs already this year and the first Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble CD in a few weeks, we've been spoiled. So what better to follow this up than with two more CD releases? Environments II (CDTOT62) and From The Archives Vol. 5 (CDTOT63) are available for pre-order on, with a 'mid November' release date there, so we're probably looking at December for full shop sales (we'll confirm once we know!). Promos are floating around on eBay already.

More excitingly, Mason Bentley says simply "FSOL World Tour: standby for announcement". We'll keep you informed...


Tyn said...

FSOL World Tour?
Wow this sounds really good man!!
Why don't we start in Amsterdam?
Thank you for this exciting news.


jayphex said...

world tour - woo and indeed hoo. chances of playing any near the midlands (assuming that they find the door the gets them out of the studio) - slim to none.

here's hoping, though.